A Culprit for the Clutter

Tidying up one’s home or office space is a task that often gets postponed and labeled as spring cleaning.  you wouldn’t put off a smelly sewer repair so why are you waiting to clean up the main thing that influences all other aspects of your life?  Putting off these chores can lead to the clutter only stacking higher and higher as we as confined in our homes during the colder months of the year.

Several books have been written on how to get organized and stay that way.  Most people who purchase these kinds of books end up reading a few chapters and then tossing the book aside among the piles of others that never really got read.

But here i’m going to give you some helpful tips and reasons why you should’t keep procrastinating when it comes to getting your life in order.  No I don’t mean your new eating regimen or your workout routine.  Nor am I speaking of your smoking habit you surely need to kick.

I’m talking about getting your home in order.  Everything has a place and everything in its place is what my mother always preached to me.  Unlikely person for those words of wisdom to come from given she’s the most unorganized person i know in the world.

Here are a few pointers to get you tidying up your living space.

  • Divulge a plan of attack and take it one room or one area at a time.

Not staying on task and getting distracted is the number one reason for your home getting cluttered.  Nothing gets put away where it can easily be found.  once a space begins to show clutter, it will quickly accumulate from you and others who no longer respect the space’s tidiness.

People will come in and just sling their stuff on counters or even in the floor if they see there are other items doing the same.  On the other hand, when you walk into an elegantly clean and neat home you immediately want to cover your tracks and be certain you clean up after yourself.  Otherwise your sloppiness will stick out like a sore thumb and everyone will know that you’re the culprit of the clutter.

  • Let it go!! LET IT GOOO!!

we’ve all heard those words.  hanging on to things we no longer use or needs is something everyone struggles with to some extent.  My rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in over a year, then you probably don’t need it in your way.

The problem is many people become emotionally attached to things they never even look at much less utilize.  Some items have sentimental value and there’s nothing wrong with keeping them as long as you have a nice and neat place for them to be stored.

You also want to be logical in the type of sentimental things you hold on to.  Your grandmother’s quilts are cool but the fact that they’re half eaten by moths and smell like a molded rag is probably a good indication that you need to stop hanging on to them.

Getting organized and decluttering your home and office space can lead to a happier and more productive lifestyle.  Research shows that neater spaces help influence better moods in people who are living in them.  Simply making your bed every morning can lead to a better state of overall well being for the remainder of the day.  Especially if you consider every time you walk by that bedroom all you see is that messy bed that no one bothered to take three minutes out of their day and make up.

From a made bed will spawn a tidier bedroom in general.

Follow these simple rules to get you motivated into keeping a tidier space for you and your family.