Deciding Between Hardwood or Carpet

Most homeowners throughout their lives will have to make some changes or updates to the flooring in their home at some point in their lifetimes. Choosing between carpet or hardwood flooring can be a difficult task. This is true especially if money comes into the bigger picture.

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Carpeting is often a far cheaper option for someone looking to replace their home’s floor covering. Back in the early 70’s and 1980’s women became enthralled with the carpeting option. All the different colors and textures that are available bring several options to anyone’s indoor décor.

Most homes built before 1990 were built with solid hardwood flooring throughout. As the trend toward carpeting evolved, builders began only installing subflooring with padding and carpet on top of that.


Desperate housewives of the late 70’s and 80’s began covering over their archaic looking hardwood floors for the newer looking carpeting designs. As perceptions change, so do interior design ideas.


Hardwood flooring was something that became associated with My Little House on the Prairie. Women viewed hardwood as outdated and not modern enough for the new, emerging furniture designs of the time. Sadly enough, gorgeous hardwood floors across the nation became buried over with synthetic carpeting.


Now the trend is moving back toward traditional hardwood floors. The new ultra modern and crispy clean designs scream for the simple and sleek look of a wood floor.


Choosing which one is right for you and your family can be a difficult decision. Carpet has some advantages over hardwood and vise versa.


Carpeting Advantages Over Hardwood

  1. Cheaper to install
  2. Softer, warmer feel. Good for babies and children.
  3. Warmer on the feet
  4. Cheap to clean
  5. Choice of Textures and colors


Carpeting Disadvantages

  1. Won’t last as long as hardwood
  2. Can leach chemical smells and toxins
  3. Not allergen friendly


If the choice comes down to a monetary one then carpet is going to be your obvious choice. You should also consider that if you plan on being in your house for an extended period of time you might want the economics that come with hardwood flooring.


Hardwood flooring will last as long as you will. With very little maintenance and upkeep, hardwood is the better long-term economical choice.


Hardwood flooring has several advantages over carpeting if you can afford the initial install costs associated with it.


Bear in mind that there are ways to save thousands of dollars on your new hardwood flooring by doing it yourself. It’s a lot of work and can be dusty, but it can also save you more than half the price that hiring a contractor would cost.


When I bought my first 1,200 square foot house at a deeply discounted rate, I was able to have a little bit of wiggle room financially. I bought a house that was below budget and one that needed a wee bit of TLC.


The living room carpet in the house been littered with pet and child stains. It had an odor that I knew no carpet cleaning company could solve. So I began pulling out all of the old carpet by hand. I rolled it up and hauled it away. Leaving only the subfloors showing I began brainstorming and researching ways to get the cheapest hardwood flooring.


This was long before the days of the Internet so there were no YouTube videos for me to watch and learn. With a little bit of patience and due diligence, I was able to find a lumber mill with raw hardwood flooring with the classic tongue and groove configuration.


I was able to figure out how to install all natural, real hardwood flooring in my house. On a budget nonetheless. I probably saved myself over 60% compared to if I would have hired a professional installer.